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Art in the Written Word

There's a Mystery Afoot

The 510(k) Fiasco
Through fictionalized narrative of an earlier career spent in corporate America, The 510(k) Fiasco is offered as a loving tribute to ten glorious years this author spent in Half Moon Bay, California. Those years provided memories filled to the brim with pumpkin festivals and beach walks and flower-strewn hills galore.

Rae Charles, former documentation supervisor and never a singer/songwriter, was catapulted into a world of corporate intrigue when the white collar crime she was investigating turned deadly. She found herself playing cat and mouse with an unknown adversary bent on destroying the medical device company that hired her. Corporate sabotage was the name of the game.

Cheryl's novel, The 510(k) Fiasco, is available on Amazon.

If you would like to delve into the matters of corporate sabotage detailed in The 510(k) Fiasco, click here to go to Amazon.com.

The Adventure Continues

Family Matters
Though this is a work of fiction, Family Matters started as most endeavors of this author do, with a detour on memory lane. Once begun, the story evolved until the lives of Sam Taylor, Maggie Hampton, Jesse Love,

and Faye Allen became as familiar as her own. The histories of Sam, Maggie, Jesse, and Faye were not born in the tradition of 1960 sitcoms where happily ever after was the norm. They each struggled with the results of their upbringing. Working to discover the origins of their family dynamics, they questioned whether it was possible to restructure that heritage.

What could be done to rectify their less than ideal circumstances? They reached out, and while dysfunction is called out and laid bare, the novel does speak to hope for all who believe that family does, indeed, matter.

Cheryl's novel, Family Matters, is available on Amazon.

If you would like a deeper look into Family Matters, click here to go to Amazon.com.

Does Mental Illness Preclude Falling in Love?

This Stage of Life
Cheryl has written about how her art career began. Earlier than that began her love of the written word. Childhood pleasures eventually turned into adult responsibilities and writing took a back seat, for years relegated to spare time pursuit. Cheryl says retirement has given her freedom, and with that, Jake Dimond and Elen Austin appeared, ready to sort their lives amid all the rich possibilities ahead, even at this stage of life.

Cheryl's novel, This Stage of Life, is available on Amazon.

If you would like a glimpse into This Stage of Life, click here to go to Amazon.com.

Stay tuned. There will be more.

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