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As a young child, Cheryl's beloved Aunt Leota gave her a paint-by-number kit, and she discovered the joys of brush and paint.

Cheryl's love of the written word began early. At age eight, the library allowed a mere two books per week. When her mother explained that Cheryl read a book each day, the librarian relented and she was allowed to check out seven books every week of summer.

Cheryl Hardin
Childhood gave Cheryl Hardin the gift of time.

Childhood pleasures eventually turned into adult responsibilities and painting as well as writing took a back seat, for years relegated to spare time pursuits. As most often happens with the onset of adulthood, Cheryl eventually put childhood pleasures aside and for years this child of the sixties willingly participated in 9 to 5, but for nourishment she always, always turned with great affection toward a dollop of color.

Adulthood gave Cheryl means. Retirement has given her freedom to expand on artistic endeavors as well as literary pursuits.

No matter what form it takes, Cheryl believes art should connect author and audience. Her goal is that the audience of her works will experience some of the same emotions driving her creativity.

"When a painting develops with the least interference on my part," she says, "the work becomes what it was meant to be. When it evokes a tranquility that goes beyone the elements of a scene, it is complete."


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