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How the Art Career Began

Cheryl Hardin
As a young child, Cheryl's beloved Aunt Leota gave her a paint-by-number kit, and she discovered the joys of brush and paint. As most often happens with the onset of adulthood, Cheryl eventually put childhood pleasures aside and for years this child of the sixties willingly participated in 9 to 5, but for nourishment she always, always turned with great affection toward a dollop of color or a well formed phrase.

Her organizational skill set led to business opportunities where Cheryl found success leading departments of technical writers and graphic artists in activities encompassing the publishing, medical, and accounting fields. In her spare time she wrote. Then she acquired an easel and tubes of oil paints and set up a guest room as her own space. She furthered her art education with workshops from nationally known artists. Painting became an important outlet for expression and she sought other artists whose talents influenced her own.

Cheryl’s paintings are captured on canvas in a fluid and impressionistic style. She creates original works in oils, using both palette knife and brush. “When a painting develops with the least interference on my part,” she says, “the work becomes what it was meant to be. When it evokes a tranquility that goes beyond the elements of a scene, it is complete.”

Childhood gave Cheryl Hardin the gift of time. Adulthood gave her means. Retirement has given her freedom.

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