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Lifelong Learning: Not a Vocation, but a Way of Life

Not long after the desire to create meaningful art and the hard work required to achieve it comes the realization that being an artist is not a vocation, but a way of life.

Do you want to become a more accomplished artist, but don't know exactly how to go about it? Well, it's like any other skill - it takes work, hard work, and dedication, i.e., time. But if you don't start now, where will you be a year from now...still wanting to become a better artist?

Learn everything you can about how to paint (or draw, or bead, or photograph) the way you WANT to. Find artists whose works you admire, study the artists' works, and learn from them.

Hang out with other artists. Join a group or form a group. You're going to learn even if the style and substance of other works are completely different from your own.

Commit yourself and get on with it!

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