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What do you SEE?

Do you see a diagonal
motion in the artwork?
Does a subtle "S"
or "Z" pattern lead
through the paintings?

And so we begin. Back at the easel, ready to claim our place in art history. THIS is the year! Claim it as yours!

Some Basics to Absorb

Most paintings fail when the artist does not pay attention to basics.

I'm an impressionistic artist and I find that too much reality in a painting is always a disappointment. Convey EMOTION in your work; don't try to recreate reality unless you are a realist painter.

Diagonal motion in the painting provides interest. Create unobtrusive "S" or "Z" formations within your composition. If you study paintings that appeal to you most, you'll often spot those "S" or "Z" patterns.

Take the time to mix the right colors. Often you might spend more time mixing colors than applying them.

Shading and shadows anchor objects and give them three-dimensional depth. Don't let your objects float or appear flat.

Put down your brush and step away from the palette OFTEN. It's only when you step back that you can really see the work.

When you know and understand the basics, then you can choose to break the rules. And rule-breaking can work, not always, but there is a place for it!

Lastly: SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. It's always worked for me.

Now you can start to take your rightful place in art history. Who's to say that's not possible?

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