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Criteria for Judging Artwork

Take a deep breath and ponder the following, then take another hard look at your artwork. Does it meet the following criteria:

Does the work exhibit creativity; is it unique? Does it appear to be an original interpretation of a subject?

Does the work demonstrate the Artistís technique / expertise?

Does the work demonstrate effective use of forms or abstract techniques; is the composition compelling? Does the composition lead you through the work?

Elements of Art:
Does the work exhibit sureness in use of line, color, space, form, texture? Is there INTENT in each brushstroke?

Unity and Variety:
Does the work demonstrate a balance of elements and repetition? Does it display a visual rhythm?

Medium and Texture:
Does the work demonstrate an appropriate use of medium and textures?

Use of Space:
Does the work contain appropriate perspective and use of masses and forms?

Does the work have a professional appearance, complementary framing and/or mounting?

Degree of Difficulty:
Is the work appropriate for the Artistís maturity and abilities? Does it appear the Artist has fulfilled her/his intent (does the work appear complete)?

Does the work appeal to you strongly?

If so, enter that work into competition - it's a winner!

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